Van Buren County Court House
Code Red Enrollment

Van Buren County residents can now received pre-recorded emergency telephone notification and information messages free of charge. The county has entered into an agreement with Emergency Communications Network, Inc. for the CodeRED service.

To receive the weather alerts, residents should contact CodeRedand enter the information requested, which will include name, address and telephone numbers including cell phone numbers. Anyone trying to enter data to sign up for the emergency warning system should be aware that the process includes multiple pages. After completing each page, enrollees should click on “continue” until coming to the "Congratulations" page, this will complete the sign up.

Residents who do not have Internet access may call (501) 884-6004 or (501) 745-3911 and their information will be entered for them. All information received is confidential and will be used only for emergency notification purposes. Businesses in Van Buren County can get the weather alerts by using the same methods. In addition to weather alerts, the emergency notification system provides information about boil orders and evacuations.

Only residents and businesses who sign up will get the alerts. No one is automatically included.

For questions or more information, call (501) 884-6004 or (501) 745-3911.